WASPI Bognor & Chichester

WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) is an apolitical campaign group that fights for justice for women born in the 1950s affected by the changes to state pensions.

The Bognor & Chichester South Coast Group was set up in March 2017 and is welcoming new members from across the county of West Sussex.

The UNISON West Sussex Branch Committee decided at its May meeting to back the campaign with a £200 donation to help it establish itself. We are now pleased to encourage members, their friends and families to get involved with this important campaign.

Their aim is: “to achieve fair transitional pension arrangements for women born in the 1950s affected by the changes to the State Pension Age (SPA). This translates into a ‘bridging’ pension to cover the gap from age 60 until State Pension Age – NOT means-tested and with compensation for losses for those women who have already reached their SPA. We do NOT ask for a reversal of any Pension Act to age 60. There are no specific age groups of women born in the 50’s favoured above others.”

The Bognor & Chichester South Coast Group is the only group in the county of West Sussex and holds meetings every month to six weeks throughout the region and at various times of the day and week. A small ‘sub’ is required at some venues towards refreshments. Membership of WASPI is preferred but not initially essential.  Fund-raising events and other promotional activities are organised throughout the year with participating members. Engaging with MPs is encouraged to ensure awareness of the injustice and Governmental support grows nationally, to bring the campaign to a successful conclusion.

Download a copy of the flyer here.

For further information, email bognorsouthcoastwaspi@gmail.com and join them on Facebook: Waspi Bognor & Chichester South Coast Group.

For further details on the national campaign, visit http://www.waspi.co.uk/