Vote for Angela Eagle: a West Sussex perspective

Angela Eagle is UNISON’s nomination for the Labour deputy leadership in the approaching election. Why has the union decided to back Angela, and why are we encouraging West Sussex members to vote for her? Branch Secretary Dan Sartin explains:

“Angela is a proud trade unionist and has always championed the voice of working people. She’s passionate about equality and is the first openly lesbian MP. She’s not afraid to challenge strongly and speak her mind by asking tough questions and being straight-talking.

“She has been an active member of the Labour Party since she first joined aged 17 in 1978 and has since held various positions in the party.

“Angela was first elected to Parliament in the 1992 general election when she defeated the then Minister for Overseas Development at the Foreign Office, Lynda Chalker, by 3,809 votes to become the first ever Labour Member of Parliament for Wallasey.


“She has been a member of the Treasury Select Committee since 2003. She was in government under Gordon Brown on 29 June 2007 as Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, the most junior minister at HM Treasury. She was promoted to Minister of State at the Department for Work and Pensions in the June 2009 reshuffle.

“Following Ed Miliband’s election as Labour leader, Angela was elected to his shadow cabinet, and was subsequently appointed to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury briefing, shadowing Danny Alexander.

“In every job, she has acted without fear or favour. She is an honest broker, always putting the interests of the Labour Party first.

“We believe she has both the personal tenacity and professional experience to continue to fight for public services, supporting the values of our union: ideally under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. I’d encourage our members to vote for both these candidates before the 10 September deadline.”

You can read Angela’s election statement on the Labour Party website.

You can also read Jeremy Corbyn’s election statement on the same website.

Please use your right to vote, and vote for Corbyn and Eagle.

To register to vote as a Labour Party supporter (though not necessarily a member), complete the short form on the Labour Party website before 12 noon on 12 August.