Branch donates to Doncaster strikers

UNISON West Sussex has reported news on this important struggle before. Doncaster care-home workers, employed by the NHS under contract with Doncaster Council have been outsourced from the NHS to health profiteer Care UK. On receiving these staff to their company, Care UK has promptly commenced moves to reduce the take-home pay of already low-paid workers, hitting staff anywhere between 33 and 50%.

These UNISON members from Doncaster who work predominantly with people with learning disabilities have not taken the attack lying down. 90% of them voted for strike action, and they have already taken 20 days of industrial action to defend their jobs and terms and conditions.

Doncaster care-home workers are to launch another 14-day strike this week in the long-running dispute. UNISON regional organiser Jim Bell said: “Our members are making huge sacrifices to protect their jobs and the vulnerable families caring for people with learning difficulties.”

Talks between the union and Care UK bosses supported by negotiation service Acas came to nothing last month. UNISON said the company’s participation was a mere PR stunt.

Thousands of pounds have been sent from across Britain to the workers’ strike fund to help them win what is becoming a landmark dispute. UNISON West Sussex has contributed £250 to the strike fund and sent our good wishes in the hope that they can win this fight – for us all. Read more at the Doncaster UNISON Facebook page.