Consultative ballot of schools members

The Local Government Service Group Executive (LGSGE) and the National Schools Committee (NSC) have agreed to run a consultative ballot of UNISON schools members on job losses, increased workload and rising stress for staff that has arisen as a result of underfunding by the Government. Both these bodies are made up of elected UNISON members.

The ballot will be similar to those currently being run by our sister unions NEU, ASCL and NAHT. The ballot will be run as a national e-ballot.

The ballot will begin on 22nd January and will include a question on whether members are prepared to take strike action. This could lead to a formal industrial action ballot, depending on the result and turnout.

We have email addresses on the membership system for the majority of school support staff members, but there are a sizeable number for whom we do not. The national union will ensure that there are mechanisms in place to ensure that all appropriate members can vote. However, members will find it much easier to vote if we have an email address for them as we will be able to send them a direct link to the ballot questions. Members should add email addresses to their membership records before the ballot opens. They can do this themselves at ‘MyUNISON’ or contact the branch direct.

It is important that UNISON gets as high a turnout as possible and that we get the message across to members that the employment issues they face are linked to cuts in funding, which is why we are conducting the indicative ballot.

We have posted this update on the branch Facebook page, which  members are welcome to ‘like’ to receive the latest updates.