West Sussex Branch nomination for General Secretary

Branch Committee decided to nominate John Burgess for the position of the union’s General Secretary in the November election for the following reasons:

  • John is currently Barnet Branch Secretary: experienced, effective and understanding the issues facing branches;
  • He’s standing on a social workers’ wage: motivated by principle, not by pay;
  • He has provided detailed policies on a wide range of issues and will make sure branches are adequately resourced to face the challenges ahead, not least from the Trade Union Bill;
  • He will give hope, energy and build confidence across the union.

barnet johnWe would encourage all branch members to vote when you receive ballot papers. This is a vital election for UNISON for the next 5 years – and will affect us all.

The election ballot will run from 9 November to 4 December 2015. Results will be issued on 17 December 2015.

All members, including retired members, who were on the union’s membership register on 9 August 2015, will be entitled to vote in this election. Members not on the membership register on 9 August will not be able to vote.

The branch will be visiting the main WSCC office hubs in November to raise the profile of the election with members and encourage participation.