Your number 1 branch

UNISON West Sussex is pleased to report that the branch has come ‘number 1‘ in a regional South East UNISON branch health check index.

This means that out of 104 branches in the south east, UNISON West Sussex is ranked first after a range of some 30 factors indicating the effectiveness of a branch are taken into account. The measures are divided into 5 summary areas which assess effectiveness in:

  • organising
  • participation
  • equality
  • systems, and
  • communications.

This index is not scientific but we take pride in any event that the branch is ranked so highly across the region. The branch is also the third largest of the 104 branches in membership size in the south east, with only Kent and Hampshire being larger.

Thanks go to the UNISON West Sussex branch committee for their oversight of the branch’s governance.

You can read here what members have said about us during June and July.