Schools funding crisis – please fill out our survey!

UNISON West Sussex is undertaking a survey of all its schools and academies members. We want to better understand the impact of the school funding crisis on you and on the children whose education you provide and support.

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The results will be used to complement the work of the ‘Worth Less?’ campaign, to secure an improved budget settlement for West Sussex schools through the national funding formula. This would help secure our members’ jobs and working conditions, and also improve education in our county.

A great deal of the work UNISON does is supporting members in school reorganisations and redundancy situations. We have seen:

  • members’ jobs go;
  • pressure placed on staff remaining;
  • reduced support to kids with special needs;
  • downward pressure on grades;
  • vacancies not filled and posts deleted;
  • a rising use of temporary contracts.

None of this is good for you or West Sussex children. All of this is caused by the failure of government to address the schools’ funding crisis.

We want to understand your detailed views and experiences of what has happened in West Sussex schools over the past two years. What capacity has been lost? What was the impact on the school?

Please take a few minutes to complete our survey, and share it with key colleagues who are not support staff, such as your Head teacher. Please also share the survey with non-members – and encourage them to join UNISON!

We will campaign on the back of these results to bring this funding scandal to the attention of all residents of West Sussex, and force a change for the better.

Please go to our survey at: