End the rail rip off!

On 16 August the government will announce yet another hike in our rail fares, but services are often late, overcrowded and under-staffed. Passengers and taxpayers are being asked to pay an ever increasing price for the failures of rail privatisation. On Southern Rail, we have to put up with abysmal services.

Many UNISON West Sussex members are keenly aware of just how bad the service is on Southern Rail.

Worthing & District Trades Council ais organising a protest as part of a national day of ‘Action For Rail’, over two sessions at Worthing Central Railway station:

Tuesday 16th August

The protest will highlight price rises, safety issues and the need to bring our railways back into public ownership.

See the event on its Facebook page.

Members of the branch are warmly invited to pop along and support the protest, even if for 10 minutes to or coming home from work. We hope to see you there!